Whether you have been around church your entire life or this is your first peek into it, Liberty Christian Center has something for you. We are a community of faith-filled people led by Jesus Christ to bring hope, strength, and change to the world one life at a time!

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Ministries at Liberty Christian Center

Worship Arts Ministries

Music Ministry
As in any church, the ministry of music is an essential element of our worship experiences.  The Liberty Christian Center Music Ministry is comprised of anointed musicians, a dynamic praise team, a contemporary choir, as well as a children’s choir all of whom understand and appreciate their charge to set the atmosphere and prepare the way for the Word at each service.  No need to be a professional singer, just be willing to make your praise and singing unto the glory of the God personal and you can be a part of this growing ministry.
Ministry of Dance
This ministry is made up of a gifted and anointed praise dance team and a mime troop.  The purpose of this ministry is to provide a platform for those who desire to worship God through dance to contribute to the overall worship experience.  

As with every ministry, the primary goal of these artistic expressions of worship is to draw people closer to Jesus Christ through visual presentations of the Gospel message.  If you worship God not just with your heart and your lips, but you believe, like King David, in worshipping the Lord with your whole body this area of ministry is for you. 
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Audio/Video Ministry
The Audio/Video Ministry is overall responsible for the quality of lighting, sound, and video in the sanctuary.  They not only record and distribute professional CD's and DVD's of all worship services and teaching moments, they also maintain and service all equipment used in the ministry.  This is not an out front ministry but those who serve in this area must understand that their efforts reflect the excellency of the overall ministry.
Adult Ministries
Oneness Couples Ministry
Focused on the ministry of marriage, this ministry is designed for engaged and/or married couples.  Rather than relying on psychology or psychiatry, couples who participate in this ministry discover God’s blueprint for marriage and learn how to experience permanent and fulfilling love.  After learning to release the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit in their life and marriage, couples transform from performance-based relationships to relationships based on faith in God and His Word.
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Men's Ministry
This ministry instructs, inspires, and invigorates men by unleashing the power of God’s Word as it transforms them into Kingdom Men.  Through the studying of God’s Word, men who are actively involved in this ministry’s monthly meetings are being taught biblical principles which enable them to effectively live a life that bears witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This ministry equips and empowers men for Kingdom Service.
Women’s Ministry (DIVAS )
This ministry is for DIVAS ( Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed Sisters)   
It equips, empowers, and encourages women to maximize their potential as they exercise their God-given gifts, talents and abilities to fulfill their calling and Kingdom destiny.  Meeting monthly, DIVAS provide opportunities for mature women of the faith to minister to other women in all facets of life.  Through this ministry women are truly discovering that they too were created for Kingdom Service. 
Youth and Children’s Ministries
Renewed Vision
The purpose of this ministry is to refocus the youth (ages 12 to 25) from the innumerable distractions of today.  Programs and activities are planned to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of the youth.  Its monthly meetings during the school year provide a wholesome environment for teens to relate and discuss contemporary issues with a biblical perspective while offering practical solutions to the challenges of today such as bullying, drugs, peer pressure, gangs, premarital sex and much, much more.  This ministry teaches and equips teens to begin loving and serving God right where they are.  You are never too young to say yes to Jesus and become a Kingdom Citizen. 
Children’s Church
Children's Church is offered each Sunday morning during our scheduled worship services for children between 3 and 10 years of age.  This is one of the many ways in which Liberty assists parents in their responsibility to spiritually train and and nurture children in the fear and admonishment of the Lord.  Our children have their own worship experiences that will help prepare them for future participation in the worship service and the Kingdom of God.
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